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Could you spare a little time to volunteer and share your skills with Dates-n-Mates to help provide social opportunities to adults with learning disabilities?

Volunteering Opportunities

As a small team of staff, Dates-n-Mates truly appreciate the support volunteers provide the project and it’s members.

There are a variety of ways you can get involved, with some of roles listed below. However, if you have a particular skill or talent that you would love to share with the team, they would love to hear from you!

Existing Opportunities include:

  • Event Supporters and hosts
  • Chaperones (Friendship and dating)
  • Admin 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Fundraising Supporters
“I cannot recommend it enough. The Dates-n-Mates team and the members are so supportive – It’s added a whole new dynamic to my life and given me something I can really be proud of.” – Event Volunteer, Jess
If you are interested in volunteering, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Raynor on [email protected]

Member's volunteer scheme

Dates-n-Mates members are offered volunteering opportunities with the project, to help shape and guide the project while developing their own independence and skills.

Members can get involved as a friendly face and earn champion points. As a friendly face, they would welcome and support new members attending events. Other roles and tasks may include; doing a speech at an event, helping lead activities or gathering and sharing feedback. Members can gain points for volunteering, with the person with the most points being crowned champion each year.


A current Dates-n-Mates Champion says:

“We help each other out, it’s not all about one person. It’s getting everyone involved, some people just need a little encouragement.”

dates-n-mates could not be the amazing project it is without a strong team of volunteers. They're energy, enthusiasm and dedication to support our staff, events and members has a huge impact on the success of our project. Each and every one of the volunteer team gives their time generously, to not only provide support but to share their skills, talents, compassion and most of all, friendship.
We couldn't do what we do without them!
DnM Raynor
Raynor McCulloch
dates-n-mates Volunteer Coordinator

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dates-n-mates is Scotland’s national dating and friendship agency for adults with learning disabilities.

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